Friday, January 14, 2011

LA Leg Workout with John Romaniello

Tonight's workout was done with John Romaniello at 24-Hour Fitness in LA.

1) Front Squat

2) Leg Press (long time since I've done that)

3) Good Mornings

4) Planks

Now off to dinner with Joel Marion, John, and Vinny D. There will be much yelling and name calling and one-upmanship.

Yesterday I was at Alwyn Cosgrove's gym in Newhall, CA, and it was bloody brilliant. I got on well with the Alwyn and his training tactics were spot on

=> Visit Alwyn's Gym

Here's something Alwyn said in a newsletter today...

"Ask yourself if you could go back and start over - would you be doing different things now. If so....don't be scared to start over now. If it's education, your career, your life, your fitness program - don't be afraid to continually grow so much and so quickly that you need to stop and rethink everything you're doing."
Alwyn Cosgrove

If your fever calls for more kettlebell, here's the doctor's cure for you (Note: Neither real doctors, fevers, nor cures are referenced in this post)

=> Kettlebell Circuit

And today's kickbutt mindset tip:

"Nobody gets old by surprise." - Dave write down what you want to accomplish, set a DEADLINE, and make a plan to get it done.

Craig Ballantyne

PS - Watch this before you demolish your "fancy coffee" this morning

=> Diet vs Exercise 4

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andrewjameslowry said...


I went to the link for Alwyn's gym and I watched the video. That can't be a true gym! Where is the huge cardio suite so we can do long slow cardio! The only way to lose fat is LSC (joking of course).

It looks like a great gym. Wow KB classes, ropes, individual assessments etc. Can he please open a branch in my town?