Wednesday, February 17, 2010

#1 Factor for fat loss and ENERGY circuit

No workout today, so I'll just give you a couple of tips...

You probably didn't know this, but...

The #1 factor for success in fat loss is "Social Support".

This means that you need to have friends, family, and co-workers supporting your fat loss efforts. You can even make friends in the Turbulence Training member's forum for support.

With social support, you'll finally have the missing piece of the puzzle in your fat loss program - so combined with Isabel's nutrition and the Turbulence Training workouts, you will lose fat fast.

In addition to getting social support for fat loss, I also want to share with you a short little circuit that will give you energy anytime of day, and you can do this anytime, anywhere.

All you need to do are 3 exercises for 30 seconds each. You can take up to 30 seconds of rest between exercises.

Exercise #1 - Bodyweight Squats (or lying hip extensions for beginners)
Exercise #2 - Pushups (or Mountain Climbers)
Exercise #3 - Stick-ups

Do those exercises whenever you need an energy boost and you'll feel amazing in less than the time it takes to stand in line at Starbucks.

And finally, today's butt-kick to the head:

"We are where we are in life right now because of our past choices, and now there are only two options: Accept it or Change it. Our choice. Complaining is not an option."

Have a wicked awesome day,



Josh Schlottman said...

Social support is huge and if you don't have it it's going to be much harder to find your motivation when bad people are filling your head with negative talk.

I try to get my clients off caffeine for the most part and have them focus on eating healthier, sleeping more and getting a damn workout in!

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Great stuff Josh