Thursday, February 04, 2010

Miami Workout #1

Just got to hotel in South Beach. My first SuperBowl party was in the hotel gym.

Today's Workout:

1) Lower Body Stretching

2A) Overhead squat
2B) Free motion row

3A) 1-arm DB shoulder press
3B) 1-arm free motion row (resisting rotation)

4A) Pushups
4B) free motion rear delts

5) More lower body stretching

I'm gonna use the free motion again this weekend - play around with some exercises.

Also, assuming something interesting happens this weekend, I'm going to package up all of my workouts, nutrition, and interesting stories into a new free special report for a NEW TT website I have coming out on staying ripped and lean while traveling.

Until then, stay ripped, lean, and strong,


PS - No matter how excited you are to get to Miami...

...resist the urge to yell, "I'm in Miami, bitch" when the plane lands. Unlike the girl beside.

It's very unbecoming of a young lady.

And tired. So tired.


Anonymous said...

hilarious...Craig, I hear the gyms in South Beach are a little more, shall we say, "picturesque" than your average gym up north. Is it true?

Also, what's the 'free motion' stuff?

Andy said...

"I'm in Miami bitch!"...hahaha! Last time I've been to Florida was many years ago. Don't know why they have the Super Bowl there when it always seems to rain.

Anyway, have fun!

Davidjohn said...

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