Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deadlifts & Why You Need to Screw Up Once in a While

Back to the weights today for deadlifts...

1) Repeated Jumps (4x4)
2) Deadlift (3x315)
3A) GM (2x10)
3B) BB Shrug (2x12)
4) BB Lunge (2x8)

This workout was supposed to include some abs at the end, but mine are still sore from no point in doing low quality work.

Today's resource:

An update on a classic TT workout, 4 tips to make goal setting work, and some research reviews here: 

=> TT Ab Workout Tips

Check out the TT for Abs DVD update there...

And now today's kick-butt mindset tip...

Plan ahead. You need to know your nutrition obstacles. Write them all down and write down at least 2 solutions for each obstacle. This will help you avoid nutrition breakdowns. Do you shopping and cooking and meal prep on the weekends, so that during your busy week you have your meals ready…and you
avoid vending-machine regrets.

But of course, there will be times you mess up...and that's cool, as long as you learn from it.

"In order to succeed you must fail, so that you know what not to do the next time."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

"I cannot fail - I can only get results"
Ted Nicholas

For example...I put way too many blackberries in today's blender drink...I'll call this one "deep purple". exact same reciep as yesterday, but too many blackberries and not enough raspberries...I'll know not to do that again. I learned from my mistake. 

So pay attention...if a mistake is made, look for the lesson.

Personally, I have a LOT of practice making mistakes, and so I get taught a LOT of lessons.

And then I make sure not to make them again,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Lots of cool discussions and Q'n'A sessions there. 


Stuart said...


I found a new blender ingredient by accident this weekend. I ran out of bananas and used a baked sweet potato instead (without the skin of course). It was awesome, esp. mixed with half an avocado...think and creamy. Next time I'll use only half of a sweet potato though.


Anonymous said...

Avocado is an awesome addition to any blender drink. ..thick and creamy...good dose of healthy fats and nutrients.