Sunday, January 03, 2010

Do the exercises you hate for more results

You tend to get the best results from the exercises you hate - because they tend to be the hardest.

So don't rationalize removing an exercise from your program just because it's tough...those are often the ones you need to keep!

Today's workout for me included a couple I'm not fond of: front squats and bulgarian split squats (1 & 1/2 reps).

The full workout:

1) Jumps - 3 sets

2) Squats - 2 sets

3) Front squats - 2 sets

4A) Good Morning - 1 set
4B) Bulgarian Split Squat 1 & 1/2 reps - 1 set

5A) Back extension - 3 sets
5B) Stability Ball Plank - 3 sets

Now time for a 90 minute dog walk...

Also, here's a tip on my Facebook page that got a good reponse:

Consider setting PROCESS goals instead of just outcome goals. A process goal is "I will do Turbulence Training 3 days per week" or "I will use a food log for 8 weeks". And then if you meet your process goals, your outcome goals (i.e. you want to lose 10 pounds) will take care of themselves - and you'll have better lifelong habits.

Stay strong and never quit,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Hey you lil' monkeys...

You should check this trainer and his gym out...

From my friend (& one smart dude) Jon Hinds, "join us at and help spread our healthy message of whole body performance training, eischens yoga restoration & balance training and plant based nutrition to all your friends and family to make 2010 the healthiest year yet! Our goal is to wake up the fitness world from the matrix of isolated minds and bodies to one of whole body strength & balance and whole food nutrition for ultimate health, energy & strength!

Jon Hinds is one of the best trainers you might never have heard about.

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Laynie - The Marketing Muscle said...

In my weights programme I always cycle at least one new/variation exercise I've never tried, and challenge myself positively to do the exercises I don't like. It's quite liberating when you achieve it. Cardio, I hate it - walking, running ... ick. But I mix it up, make it fun, and don't let the body settle into anything for too long. I didn't put a term to it before, but process goals. I think of them as bite size bits. I also add "think in pictures" instead of words. I visualise the actions, me doing them ... with the ultimate physique of my dream. Dare to be remarkable!