Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vegetarian Protein Sources for Fat Loss

Discover the best vegetarian protein sources for your fat loss diet with fat loss expert John Alvino. He's been bodybuilding and personal training for 20 years and in the past couple of years has started coaching his clients on fat loss with vegetarian diets. Amazing stuff.

You'll find out the best vegetarian protein sources for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with John's preferred vegetarian protein powders.

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If you want more nutrition help with your vegetarian fat loss diet,grab John's vegetarian meal plans if you want to lose fat without eating animal products:

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I'm going to do a follow-up phone interview with John later today,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Still not convinced you can get enough protein on a vegetarian diet?

John proves the other so-called "diet experts" wrong. In his mealplans, you'll get enough protein to keep your fat burning going allday long.

This info is priceless for vegetarians who want to lose fat withouteating animal products.

=> Click here to view John's meal plans


Lani Muelrath said...


I followed the link to "view John's meal plans" yet only found the sales page - I'm guessing that sample plans are only available upon purchase?

I've been eating veggie since forever with excellent results in terms of health, muscle, and body comp yet was interested to see another resource for same to point to as an example. So, if there is something viewable that I missed, someone let me know!

Lani Muelrath

leah said...

same here Lani..i was looking for my daughter and myself...we've been vegans most of my life and all of her life -except for four years of hers as a little girl-a little disappointed however that there were not a few samples to give an idea as to whether or not wanting to purchase further..
regards lulu

Anonymous said...

The Podcast has the information regarding the veg meal recommendations. So you have to listen to the Podcast.