Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Me vs. Pizza


Nathan said...

Haha perfect, Craig! I wish I could show this to everyone in the gym on their stupid treadmill tv screens while they waste their time.

Wazzup said...

Way more important, what kind of pizza was that :-) (as in what topping)

And I saw Brad was throwing the crust away... what's that.. low carb ? :-)

Anonymous said...

Half a pizza = 900 calories? Ridiculous.

1/2 a pizzais about 300 calories.

Running up a steep incline for a heavy person is about 23 calories a minute.

That means in 0 minutes = 230 calories.

1/2 a pizza in 10 minutes seems about right unless you're a pig.

No after effect of pizza BUT there is an after effect for running.


Ginger Baker said...


Maybe you should check your sources. Because apparently a 14" Domino's cheese pizza is 1632 calories, making half a pizza 816 - less than 900 sure, but waaayyy closer to that than 230. Not sure how many slices you think make up a half...


Anonymous said...

Haha, gosh, Craig halfway through.. "23 calories!"

Great video. It puts things in perspective. Working out is very important, but in the end; your diet is king.

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