Monday, March 02, 2009

Turbulence Training vs. Aerobics Classes, Body Pump, & Crunches

Here are two great success stories from women who were used to "aerobics classes" and body pump sessions...but now they love Turbulence Training!

"I am a British fitness instructor and went on your website to get some new ideas for the programmes that i give my clients i try the programmes for myself before i give them to clients and could not belive the results. I myself have dropped a dress size and my clients love the variation in programmes and the way that their body is changing shape in such a short time,They love the way they do not have to spend hours on the tredmill to burn fat and the variation on the programmes keeps them all enthusiastic and loving the gym again. I and all my clients would like to thank turbulance training for the great ideas and results it is giving us all!"

"I was already doing the following exercise when I  discovered TT: I cycle about 25 miles every weekend, do 2 classes of Bodypump,  and another toning class.  I wasn't doing any of the dreaded cardio but was not doing any weight training other than the Bodypump classes.

While I enjoy Bodypump I had found that after about 7 months I had hit a real plateau and really was unable to add any extra weight as the instructors tell you that you should be able to get through each song before fatigue.  I was also doing some abs work as part of the Bodypump and toning classes, mostly crunches/variations on the crunches and the occasionaly plank. In addition the music was driving me crazy (they play the same tracks each class).

So what I had found was while I had definitely increased muscle mass all over, my abs had no noticeable improvement in 7 months.

For the last 6 weeks I have been doing your workouts twice a week, and have dropped the toning class and one of the bodypump classes but have started about 30 mins cardio interval training twice a week.  I have also been concentrating on my abs, doing the exercises you recommend, such as jack knife on balll, ball roll out and the cable machine. 

I have stopped doing crunches apart from occasionally on the ball. I have only been tracking my weight and bodyfat % since December 2008 when I weighed  nearly 10 stone with 23% bodyfat.  (I am five foot 4). Now I weigh 9 stone with 20.2 % bodyfat. I have cut down on chocolate and alcohol but apart from that I eat a pretty healthy diet.  For the first time in my life I can see my abs and I have a greater  muscle definition generally.

So for me TT is definitely working even after such a short period and I am certainly going to continue with it." 

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