Friday, March 27, 2009

5 Minute Friday Circuit Workout (you'll be amazed!)

You'll be shocked at how much work you can get done using this week's Friday 5-Minute Workout!
Let me know if you liked it, and make sure to forward this mini-workout to 3 of your fitness friends. They will love it.
Okay, so on with the show...
This week, you're going to do a 5-minute workout featuring the "Big 5 Fat Burning Circuit" workout guide.
- Spend 30 seconds on each exercise (set a timer if possible)

- Do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. If you can't go anymore, just hold the exercise at the halfway point.

- Do not rest between exercises.

- Keep going till 5 minutes is up.

- Count your total reps and try to beat it in the future!
1) Bodyweight Squat
2) Kneeling OR Close-grip OR Decline Pushups
3) Reverse Lunges OR 1-Leg Hip Extensions
4) Spiderman Climb OR Mountain Climbers
5) Jumping Jacks
Print that out and do your workout anywhere you want!
For more of the "Big 5 Fat Burning Workouts", get the full program here for less than the price of lunch at Subway:
Let me know if there is a 5 minute workout style you'd like to see next week,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
PS - For more workouts you can do anywhere...
...including a hotel room workout, watch the videos on this site:


Theo from Germany said...

Hi Craig,

Great workout - as always! :)

I'm from Germany and a big fan or your blog - I try to check it daily for the awesome info you provide. Keep up the great work, will ya?

Oh - btw - I have a workout for you (one of the toughest I have ever done). Try it, if you dare ;-)

Here goes:

3 rounds of: 1 chin-up + 3 push-ups (simply stand under the chin-up bar, jump up, do the chin, drop down and do the 3 push-ups - repeat. Kinda like burpess, really). Only keep track of the chins and do as many as you can (aim for your chin-up max). Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds.

After that, do 5 sets of heavy (and deep) goblet squats. Work up to an all out 5th set with the heaviest weight.

This workout is simple and short, but YOU WILL BE SORE! (even your calves from jumping up to grab the chin-up bar).

Please give it a try and let me know what you think :-)

Cheers and keep up the great work,

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