Monday, March 23, 2009

Push-Pull Workout & Cereal Surprise

A Turbulence Twitter reader suggested I give Ezekial Raisin cereal a try. So I picked some up, and substituted a bowl in place of my regular chocolate milk.

But as I poured it out, I got a little free prize inside. A giant glob of raisins - as you can see by the picture.

Overall, the cereal is ok. At the suggestion of another friend, I used almond milk instead of regular milk. It's fine. Not as sweet as regular milk, and like many things, it just takes a few servings to get used to the flavor. Hard to describe. Give it a try.

Pour yourself a glass and read my latest article over at my new in-depth fat loss blog called:

How to Lose Fat When Traveling

But before the cereal, I had a workout...and this week marked the start of a new 4-week training program.

1A) Bench Press
1B) Back Extension

2A) Rack Lockout
2B) Inverted Row

3A) DB Incline - 1 set to failure
3B) Seated Row - 1 set to failure

Total workout time was only 37 minutes or so...trying to cut back on time these days.

Felt good,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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AlexPyles said...

I knew they weren't giving away free excised tumors in every box. A lot of upper body work there. Is this a four day program?

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

3-day program