Friday, March 27, 2009

Deadlifts vs Cardio & Abs

I hit the gym early this morning (right after the morning dog walk), and I launched into a pretty good workout, with no competition for the sole squat rack in the gym.

In fact, most of the other people in there were doing "cardio and abs". That's a classic bodybuilder throw-back workout day, when people don't really want to work hard, but are still required to go to the gym by their obsessive compulsive habits.

I think I'll take deadlifts and dumbbell presses over "cardio and abs" any day.

My workout went down like this...

1) Clean & Press (3x5)

2A) Deadlift (5x5)
2B) DB Chest Press (2x8-12)

3A) Good Morning (2x10)
3B) Chin-ups (2xAs many as possible)

Followed that up with another dog walk. And 4 hours later it's time for another dog walk!

Have a great weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Darryl Holtby said...

Solid Craig. I love that, I can go into the gym near my work and occupy the powerrack for 30-45mins and not be disturbed. Doubt I could get away with that on the treadmills. They have a sign-up schedule LOL.

Anonymous said...

i had a great 60 min w/out today constantly switching from upper body to lower body including wide pull-ups, db lunges, bb row, db squats, close grip chins, skipping, explosive press-ups, single leg press, dips, hanging leg raises and a few more basically keeping the heart rate up and the blood pumping :) DEL @ ResultsDELivery PT

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