Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fat Burning Barbell Complex Workouts:

How often should somebody use a barbell complex in place of cardio at the end of a fat burning workout?

This is going to depend on how hard you train in those barbell complexes.  

You shouldn't be doing them more than four times a week for a couple of reasons.  

You might want to just cycle your intensity. You might do some harder exercises - such as overhead presses - and just use the bar on one day for high reps.

As long as you get the variety in there and as long as you're – what I say about the body weight stuff is don't let those types of workouts interfere with the main workout.

You can still do lots of work, including the barbell complexes after your workout or on off days as long as it doesn't interfere with the recovery of the workout before or the preparation for the workout the next day.

If you're doing them that often you should be able to pull of 15 repetitions per set.  Lower than that you're probably going to get into some muscle soreness.

Don't do the same one obviously four days in a row or four days in a week because again, it's just too much of the same thing.  So that's why I always like to – in the barbell complex and stuff you can pretty much change it up every time you go in there.  You don't have to do the same one ever.

But in the weight training workouts we're going to repeat those things over the course of four weeks because we do want to get the same stimulus in there several times, but with the barbell complexes you can just go everything and you can switch it up.  You do barbell complex with body weight exercises within it.

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Andy said...

I agree! Great post on the complexes and how to avoid overdoing it, Craig. On the HCFL, it is so hard to mix it up on day 2with an overhead press because day 1, your arms and shoulder are pretty shot out for a day or two. But I agree, mixing it up with the complexes is definitely a good idea.