Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Secret Addictive Workout Secret

I'm traveling back from Denver to Toronto today, so we have
an entertaining guest post from Certified Turbulence Trainer,
Mikey "Pancake Finishers" Whitfield.

The Secret Addicting Workout Secret

By Mike Whitfield, CTT

One of my favorite scenes of all time is just after the first
big battle in the movie, "Braveheart", where the leader William
Wallace is out of breath as he makes his way to the top of
the hill.

Tired from pouring himself into the epic battle against the
English, he raises his sword and yells as loud as he can
while his army cheers in a unified and victorious voice.

That was my approach with bootcamps.

"Mike, your camp wore kilts and painted their faces? That's
awesome! Weird... but awesome

You bet that would have been awesome, but no, we didn't do
any of that.

However, I did encourage a victorious, unified front against
fat. For one thing, I know that's what it takes from my own
experience of losing 105 pounds of ugly fat.

But more importantly, when you get your campers to look at
their own battle against thunder thighs, muffin tops and more
this way, that mentality can transform not only their bodies,
but their minds.

That's why after every bootcamp workout, we would use a grand
finale workout secret. This method practically had my campers
addicted to working out...and each session had over 20 people
at 6:00AM each day in the summer.

The grand finale (aka metabolic bootcamp finisher) was my
favorite part.

We would leave it all on the table (yes, sometimes, I even
participated myself). The finisher was pure chaos, but effective.
With bootcamps, you can get really creative with the set and
rep schemes like the density method. My campers love the
density approach, and yours will, too.

In fact, recently Craig and I put over 50 trainers through the
infamous density finisher called the "3's Company" bootamp
finisher in the morning workout at the last TT Summit.

The feedback was amazing. The response was so positive, it
made it into the NEW Bootcamp Finishers manual. It's #8 in
the training manual listed under "Good Times".

But here is yet another density bootcamp finisher you can do
at the end of your next bootcamp workout to get YOUR campers
addicted to working out and coming back for more:

The "It's Just Deuce" Bootcamp Finisher

(Finisher #11 from the manual here)

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3-minutes.

Tell your campers to rest when needed, but the clock will
continue to tick:

1A) Burpees (2)
1B) Narrow Stance Squat (2)
1C) Spiderman Climb Pushup (2/side)
1D) Jumping Jacks (2)
1E) Squat Thrusts (2)

As many rounds of two reps ... geez, who does that?

Mike Whitfield <== This guy, because bootcamp finishers rock

This addicting workout secret is what brought in dozens of
referrals into my bootcamp business. I thrived on seeing,
"Mike's finisher kicked my butt today!" on Facebook.

In fact, referrals were 98% of my business, so I knew I had
to "bring it" with every bootcamp, and now, you can, too, if
you are a trainer.

But even if you just workout by yourself, you can use this
secret workout secret and you'll be addicted to burning fat fast.

Let me know how it goes.

Do the Deuce,

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Author, Bootcamp Finishers <= On sale this week only


Thanks Mike, and I'll be back later this week. I still owe you
a weird workout story.

Hang tight and get lean,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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