Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#1 secret for changing your body from Flavia

I've stumbled across three big discoveries this week.

First, the 20-10 bodyweight interval training study I shared
with you yesterday, showing that 4 minutes of intense exercise
is as good as 30 minutes of moderate exercise.

Second, another study, this one from the Journal of Strength
and Conditioning Research showed that training 2 times per
week was just as good as training 6 times per week.

(NOTE: Both of those studies were performed with female subjects.)

And third, after touring the 260+ room mansion on the historic
Biltmore Estate in North Carolina with Vince and Flavia Del
Monte, Mike Geary, Joel Marion, Adam Steer, and a dozen
other fitness experts, I asked Flavia for her #1 secret.

"#1 secret for what?", she asked as we walked back into the
Biltmore Inn for a pre-dinner break.

"Flavia, I want you to tell my readers the #1 secret that
most people don't know about how to get results from their
workout programs. After all, you clearly know something that
99% of people in the gym don't know," was my reply.

So here's what she emailed me 10 minutes later...

"Craig, the #1 secret to getting a sexy body is to train with
INTENTION & INTENSITY. The more intense the workout,
and the more muscles used, the more calories you burn and
sexy curves that you sculpt. That's it. Simple, but not easy. But
truly the #1 secret to getting a beautiful body."

"You don't need to spend hours in the gym or even at home on
training. You just need to know HOW to train and how to choose
the right foods for SUCCESS!"

Thank you, Flavia, greatly appreciated.

Follow a proven plan from a pro, like Flavia.

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