Thursday, September 20, 2012

Answer to a Trainer's Question

Each morning on Facebook I try to do a workout QnA with
my fans. (You should do this with your clients and readers.)
Almost every training related question is about "What's the
best workout to use for this goal or that goal?"
I love getting these questions and being able to help people out.
Recently a trainer asked me:

"Craig, I'm a bootcamp trainer looking to add more variety
into my sessions. What can I do that's different than circuits?"
The answer is simple.

You need bootcamp challenge workouts. Challenges get your
clients hooked on training because they will want to come back
and improve their scores.
I call this, "Workout Golf". As you know, golfers get obsessed
with improving their game, and that's because they have a score
that they can judge themselves against.
That's what is missing from the workout world, and that's one
reason the 300 Workout was so popular.
So try these 24 done-for-you bootcamp challenges that will help
your clients get more results AND refer you more clients.

=> Advanced Bootcamp Challenge Workouts

These are fun, fast, and effective. You'll even get TRX challenges,
because you know those are the hottest workouts going today.

Plus, these workouts will differentiate you from ALL other
bootcamps in your area.

These will set you apart and make it easy for your current
clients to refer NEW bootcamp members to you.

And it will make the ones that you already have stay with
you longer.

These challenges are like a license to print money in your business
while helping more people get MASSIVE results.

Print these workouts for easy reference:

=> Bootcamp Challenge Workouts
But hurry, this sale is only on this week...don't miss out on these
proven calorie burning challenges.

Helping you get more out of bootcamps,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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