Thursday, September 06, 2012

Pump YOU up

About to head down for an awesome #Meathead workout here
in the Bellagio hotel in Vegas...been pumped for this since yesterday.
Will be hitting the heavy DB presses instead of bench...since they
don't have a bench press but do have 100 pound dumbbells.
And rows too.
That superset alone would be enough for most folks...but stupid
magazine workouts tell men AND women that they need to do 
4 chest exercises for 3-4 sets each for 12-15 reps...
...and then people wonder why their shoulders are screwed up.
If you are doing that then you need a NEW workout system.
So as my friends Hanz and Franz once said...
Listen to me now and believe me later, jah?
You don't have to spend 60 minutes on a body part.
You don't even need to spend 60 minutes on a workout.
So cut back to 30 minutes, three times per week, and you'll 
burn a ton of calories during AND after your workouts
with the TT Thermogenic-30 system.
That will (clap) pump up your fat burning.

30 minutes and not a minute more,
Craig "30-Minute Man" Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Thermogenic Trainer

PS - Today's KICK-BUTT Mindset Tips is...
When life brings you discomfort, mental or physical, do not waste
your energy trying to repel it. Instead, embrace it. Channel it.
Use it to fuel your efforts to persevere through it. Breathe it in,
work it out. Do not fight against it, but instead flow with it.
That is how you will get through it.
You'll need this for these intense workouts:
Try the TT Thermogenic workouts right here
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