Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tough Ab Workout

One thing about doing a Tough Mudder is that you
sleep like a champ...and so to give me a little extra 
recovery time, we're getting a guest ab workout today 
from Certified Turbulence Trainer, Mike Whitfield...
3-Exercise Addictive Ab Finisher - By Mike Whitfield, CTT
What is this hot new method that all the fitness
experts are calling, "Metabolic Finishers"?

In a nutshell, metabolic finishers are high-intensity
"grand finales" that you can add on to ANY workout.
They are a hybrid of interval training and metabolic
conditioning using a variety of exercises instead of
the boring treadmill or elliptical.

Intervals work, don't get me wrong. But if you could
get even BETTER results in LESS time, that would give
you more free time.

And if you want stronger and leaner abs, the next step
would be to incorporate what I call "Ab Finishers".

These are a blend of the best ab exercises (that means
NO crunches or sit-ups) mixed in with the high-intensity
fat-burning metabolic finishers. For example...

Ab Finisher # 10 (from the 33 Ab Finishers program at

The "Chop and Climb" Countdown

Do the following circuit resting only when needed. In the first
circuit, you will perform 8 reps of each exercise. In the next
circuit, you will perform 7 reps of each. Continue in this fashion
until you complete 1 rep of each exercise.

Spiderman Climb (8/side, 7/side... 1/side)
Chops (8/side, 7/side... 1/side)
X-Body Mountain Climbers (8/side, 7/side...1/side)

And don't worry, photos and descriptions are in the manual,
including the crazier ones like the Spiderman Pullups and
Burpee/X-Body Mountain Climber Combo.

My Ab Finishers program includes 33 unique ab-shredding
finishers. Heck, you can use a new finisher after every single
workout so you never get bored, all while shrinking belly fat
and getting addicted to working out.

There are a variety of circuits, supersets, countdowns and more.

The finishers are different than anything you've tried before,
especially beating old school cardio. And they are even more
fun than intervals.

These Ab Finishers are fun, fast, effective, and even give you a
unique challenge. You'll be spent after these very short, but
intense finishers you can tag onto your workouts to smash a plateau.

Not to mention... you'll look amazing when you use these
finishers with your workouts. Your abs will show AND get

So get ready to achieve more with your workouts - and get
faster fat burning results and stronger and sexier abs than you
have gotten with any other program.

33 Done-for-You Ab Finishers
Thanks Mike, sounds good for a post-Tough Mudder recovery
week of training. I'll give that a try today.
Time to be a Tough Abber,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

P.S. If you think you enjoyed that ab finisher...
...and want something even more intense, you should try the
"3-Minute Doozy" Ab Finisher. It's the most intense 3 minutes
you'll have TODAY.

Get the 3-Minute Doozy Ab Finisher & 31 more finishers here

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