Tuesday, April 03, 2012

TT DVDs Deal

So far this week we've proven that your fat loss workouts do NOT need to include long, slow cardio.
What they need are metabolic resistance training, bodyweight exercises, and interval training. 
You'll get those in the TT DVD System here at a 70% discount this week only.
Save 70% on the complete TT DVD workout package here

NOTE: These are NOT follow-along DVDs, but you'll get to watch me do perfect form and you'll get the printed manuals to go with the workouts.

But you will get a 1-year Platinum TT membership so that you can get ALL of my new workouts too, including the new TT for Tough Mudder Adventure Racing - just released last week.

Get started on it now with just 8 weeks left to the unofficial kick-off to your favorite time of the year.

=> Get your Proven Workout for your best body ever

Say goodbye to all that frustration, all that belly fat, and everything else that is keeping you down.

Here's what I'm going to send to you:

1) The TT Fat Loss Workout DVD's & Manual
- Retail Value = $197

You'll get the Turbulence Training Workout DVD's and a copy of the Turbulence Training for Fat Loss Workout Manual that has been updated with even more exercises and articles on fat burning interval training, metabolic resistance training workouts, and fat loss nutrition.

2) The Turbulence Training Complete Bodyweight Fat Burning Package
- Retail Value = $247

In this ultimate bodyweight workout package, you'll get dozens of bodyweight exercises that you can do at home without the need for fancy equipment. It's the perfect fat loss plan for you in case you can't get to the gym, or if you travel a lot, just like me.

3) The Turbulence Training Hotel Room Workouts
- Retail Value = $197

You won't need to stuff a single piece of workout equipment into your already over-stuffed luggage in order to do these workouts. No bands, no medicine balls, no kettlebells, no nothing.

All you need is your own bodyweight and a small amount of space inside any hotel room and you'll be able to burn fat and lose inches with these short 20-minute workouts.

It doesn't matter how busy your schedule, you'll always be able to slip in a hotel room bodyweight workout to keep off the pounds while you pile on the miles.

Plus, you'll receive a FREE hardcopy manual and hotel room workout DVD where you can watch me demonstrate the exercises.

It's like having your own personal Craig Ballantyne training session in the privacy of your hotel room.

4) A FREE 1-Year Platinum Turbulence Training Membership
- Retail Value = $197

In the Turbulence Training Platinum Membership area, I'll answer all of your most pressing fat loss workout and diet questions. You'll get full access to me, just like having email access to any other personal trainer in the world.

You'll also have access to my interrogations of other fat loss experts, you'll be able to download more exclusive fat burning audio interviews to listen to anytime and anywhere, and you'll benefit from the #1 factor overlooked in fat loss programs today, "The power of social support" (it really is the secret to your fat burning success).

Plus, each month for the next year you'll get a NEW fat burning Turbulence Training workout (and you have access to EVERY single Turbulence Training workout I've ever created).

There are over $3500 worth of workout programs in the TT Platinum Membership, but all of these are FREE to you as part of the Ultimate Turbulence Training Package.

5) And for a limited time, you get FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE in the world.

Your FREE DVD and Hardcopy manual gifts will be shipped to you at no additional cost. Retail Value = $35


Total value of the Complete TT package is over $921. But for you, this week only, it's just $147...and you get FREE shipping.

Get the Complete Turbulence Training Package Here

Stay classy TT,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
Creator, The Turbulence Training Complete Package

PS - Hurry...

You only have until Thursday at midnight to take advantage of this incredible TT offer.
...including the FREE shipping direct to your doorstep.

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