Wednesday, April 18, 2012

European Bodyweight Workout

Last summer I was off on a European Vacation (look kids, Big Ben, 
parliament) for 10 days, so that meant lots of bodyweight workouts.
Every summer I meet some friends in Lithuania and we teach entrepreneurship to dozens of kids from all over the world. It's 
really cool, and then we do some bodyweight workouts at the end of the day before we go swimming.
(And sometimes we have epic tug-of-war matches.)

Here's one of the bodyweight workouts we did:
1) Warm-up:
- Prisoner Squats
- Mountain Climbers
- Prisoner Lunges
- Grasshopper Pushups
- 1-Leg RDL's
- Stick-ups
2) Supersets:
1A) Chin-ups or Pull-ups on whatever bar we can find (1 rep short of failure)
1B) Pike Pushups or Decline Close-Grip Pushups (1 rep short of failure) 
- No rest between exercises...repeat until the students have a good arm pump
3) And my bodyweight cardio circuits for a metabolic finisher. I cycle through about 10 exercises for 20-40 reps each, and then I'll look at the kids, see if they're wiped out, and maybe challenge them again.
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