Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If you are looking for new workout techniques and to discover more of the training secrets I use in my own programs to stay lean and ripped, then you'll love the new TT SuperChargerz.

You'll get 12 (yes, it's 12, not 10, I added a couple of bonus items) workout SuperChargerz to give you more results - and more fun in your training.

But today's the last day to get this early-bird bonus when you grab John Romaniello's program to fix slow fat loss here:

=> Get John's Program PLUS the SuperChargerz Bonus here only <= Last day for bonus
By the way, John (aka "Roman") and our buddy Joel Marion are also giving away a nutrition plan, "The Big Breakfast Diet"...but only when you get John's program TODAY from that link.

So don't miss out on John's sale, Joel's bonus, and these 12 new ways to SuperCharge your workouts and put the finishing touches on your physique:

1. TT-Style Density Training
2. Metabolic Ladders
3. A New Twist on Complex Training
4. Strongman Exercises in the Gym
5. Mixed Metabolic Resistance Training & Intervals
6. Grease-The-Groove Strength Gains (from John Romaniello)
7. New TT 5x5 Bodyweight Cardio
8. Single-Leg Exercises Quad Blaster
9. A Tri-Set to Get the "Elusive" Upper Back Pump
10. Awesome TT Abs Tri-set
11. Bonus #1 - Triceps Terror
12. Bonus #2 - Braigz Biceps

But again, let me remind you that you can't buy this program anywhere else, AND it's only available as a bonus until midnight tonight. Then it disappears.

POOF! goes the bonus.

So reserve your copy by getting John's program here:

=> John's Program & the SuperChargerz Bonus

And then email us (me, Amy, Lesa, and Dan) here at the TT Team Headquarters, and we'll hook you up with your bonuses.

SuperCharge your workouts,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Co-Creator, TT SuperChargerz

PS - John and I promise...

...that you'll love these new workouts and SuperChargerz.

So in addition to John's program and bonuses, John and Craig put together:

1) TT Clash of the Titans 2 - "Ballantyne Strikes Back"
2) TT Clash of the Titans 3 - "Roman's Revenge"
3) TT SuperChargerz - 10 Ways to Improve Your Workouts

Grab those here today:

=>The Fix Slow Fat Loss Program AND Bonuses <= Bonus removed tonight
But remember, the TT SuperChargerz disappears from the bonuses after midnight.

And of course...

...if for any reason you aren't happy with this complete workout package that fixes stubborn (and slow) fat loss, just let us know and we'll happily give you a full refund...

...while letting you keep all of these awesome bonus workouts.

You have nothing to lose.

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