Monday, March 07, 2011

3 Nutrition Fixes

Every day in March, I've committed to sharing a Training and Nutrition "SWITCH" on my Facebook page to help you lose fat.

Here are 3 of the most popular
nutrition switches I've posted so far:

Nutrition SWITCH #1 - No More Dessert for Breakfast

If you want to lose fat, stop eating dessert for breakfast.

Let's be honest,
most of what people eat for breakfast would qualify as dessert if served at any other time of day. So stop with sugary cereals, muffins (let's be honest, muffins = cake), store-bought granola bars, and bagels.

Nutrition SWITCH #2 - Switch Your Eating Schedule

If you find that you often "binge snack" at night, try having a bigger late afternoon healthy snack, and then having a later healthy dinner.

There's no magic to not eating after a certain time. I often eat a big healthy dinner and go to sleep within 30 minutes.
It won't make you fat. Eating a pint of ice cream & bag of chips every night while you watch TV makes you fat

Nutrition SWITCH #3 - Minimize the Junk

Your house doesn't need to be stocked like the local 7-11. Keep the minimum amount of treats at home to avoid mutiny. Keep treats out of sight & hard to access.

Make healthy foods (giant bowls of fresh fruit) visible and place encouraging notes to eat the fruit in the kitchen.

Put ready-to-eat produce in most visible part of the fridge & hide junk in the back. All research proven to increase healthy food consumption. And when it's your time for a cheat meal, you can enjoy it guilt-free.

Research proven tips to help you eat better,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Adam said...

Thanks for the great ideas. They are similar to some of the tips I get from Things like - swap out your ground beef or pork for ground turkey. Have you heard of RealLife? Their system is really easy to use and it does everything. They have 1000's of different recipes to choose from and they help you build a fitness and nutrition plan that suits your goals. They even send you printable daily meal plans and menus, as well as printable daily or weekly grocery lists, which are broken down by the area of the grocery store or supermarket. All the recipes contain 12 ingredients or less, so they are easy enough for anyone to cook. I'm happy that there's no fad diets, pills, or required supplements. I'm really impressed with it.

Abdonda said...

Thanks for this nutrition fixes post. I wonder how many people have dessert for breakfast.