Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Deadlift Workout

Got home from LA. about 3pm on Sunday and excited for week ahead. I'm going to help a lot of people with some new info I learned on the weekend in Newport Beach. What about you? Any big plans?

As soon as I unpacked, I ate raw vegetables and hummus, 2 bananas, and an apple. On the plane, I ate a bag of nuts and fruit (and I had two apples before getting on the plane at 6am LA time).

I had so much energy that I just had to go to the gym and deadlift (since I missed deadlifting last week).

Here's my workout...

Overhand Deadlift – 340x2
Alternate Grip Deadlift – 360x2, 375x2, 385x2x2, 315x4
Overhand Deadlift – 225x12

That was it.

Hope you have a great week,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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Anonymous said...

I just tried deadlift after a long time today...

Looks like I hurt my back a bit... but, overall was a great workout day for me today... :)

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jwanywhere said...

Deadlifts for me tonight as well, had quinoa pasta for the first time for evening meal so will see if that helps, tasted good anyway