Monday, June 15, 2009

Bench Press & Rows - Monday Workout

I'm weighing in at about 184 these real change since I've started the TT Diet Reconstruction...just need to force myself to eat more. It's tough to eat a lot when you stick to whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, and raw nuts.

A great diet to lose fat...but more on that in July - or as soon as I get my videos edited that I did last week with vegetarian diet expert, Kardena Pauza. 

Workout was good...stronger than last week.

1A) Bench - worked up to 260x2x3 plus one set of 225x7
1B) Narrow Grip Seated rows - 210x4x8 (used a different seated row station this week, and this one was harder)

2A) DB chest press - 3x15
2B) BB Row - 185x3x8

Did a little bit of cable external rotations after.

Then I walked home.

For lunch, I had a 1/4 watermelon and 2 almond butter sandwiches.

Time for another snack,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Did you know you can get a lot of protein from whole grain products?

So far today I've had 2 servings of oatmeal (7 grams protein each) plus 4 slices of bread (5-7 grams of protein each) for a total of at least 34 grams of protein.

Beans are also a huge source of protein (about 15-20 grams per serving).

It's not hard to get all the protein you need. No shakes required.


John said...

Hi Craig-
Just wondering if you're still doing ESE? If so how many days per week are you doing? I believe you did it during your mass building phase w/out any issues. I'm still doing it 2x's per week and am wondering if I should take a break to add a little more calories and mass. Any thoughts?


Alexandre Hamelin said...

Nice, I didn't know that there was as much protein in those whole grain product.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the idea of meal plans but pheasant, mackerel and crab? Can't really whip up a mackerel stir fry in the microwave at work... And that's A LOT of cheese. Hearing about your meals is more helpful and relevant.

On another note, LOVE the videos!!! it is very helpful to see the exercises in motion, much better than the still photos.

It's keeps me motivated to hear about new workout ideas and I love the exercise theory bits.

I'm so glad to be part of TT!!!!!

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Hi Craig...

I'm a bit confused; you say to avoid protein shakes at all costs and to try and get protein out of the whole natural foods we eat.

Yet I checked out Vince DelMonte's meal plan which you pointed me to, and he recommends having shakes a couple of times per day.

Is it best to avoid protein, and focus on creatine for muscle mass?



Allen Phillips said...

This was going to be my little secret, but it’s such a treasure that I’d feel too guilty if I didn’t divulge at this point… Tosca Reno’s, The Eat-Clean Diet for Men cookbook has been my single reference for all things tasty, healthy and easy cooking since I found it at the bookstore. It’s packed with 60 man-friendly recipes that are simple, quick and fulfilling. The book also outlines a principle of eating, Clean Eating, that allows you to eat more, but drop that extra weight you’ve been lugging around. My absolute favorite recipe of hers (which I will admit I make for breakfast, lunch and dinner) is her “Weekend Egg Sandwich”. Loaded with flavor, this- like all of her recipes- doesn’t taste like “health food,” it just is. Not to mention, she also includes recipes that have secret agendas… yeah sure, I wanted eggs for breakfast this morning, but another thing this book taught me is eggs are rich in zinc- a key ingredient for testosterone production and heightened sex drive… So what if I’m catching up with an old girlfriend tonight? Eggs will be eggs. She has a website, and there are several of her original Eat-Clean recipes on there that I'm sure everyone will enjoy a much as I do. Check it out!

susannah said...

Hi - Enjoying the program so far (well...except the intervals and the mountain climbers! ;) Anyway, I just finished reading an article in the NYT that once again backs up your ab workout! Thought you might be interested.

"A core exercise program should emphasize all of the major muscles that girdle the spine, including but not concentrating on the abs. Side plank (lie on your side and raise your upper body) and the “bird dog” (in which, from all fours, you raise an alternate arm and leg) exercise the important muscles embedded along the back and sides of the core. As for the abdominals, no sit-ups, McGill said; they place devastating loads on the disks. ... “I see too many people,” McGill told me with a sigh, “who have six-pack abs and a ruined back.”"