Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday Night Dinner & Saturday AM Workout

So earlier this week when I was sick, I missed my chance to hit the grocery store and buy some vegetarian snacks for the week, so it's been a little tough sticking to veggie eating.

It wouldn't be so hard if I didn't need so many calories just to maintain my weight, let alone gain weight.

Yesterday I had meetings all day, and ate a lot of carbohydrates through oatmeal, a roasted veggie sandwich, fruit, and a lot of almonds.

At dinner last night, we went to the Yardhouse restaurant in Newport Beach (at the Fashion Island mall), and I had angel hair pasta with vegetables and then fresh raspberries for dessert. Not the best pasta (processed), but after dinner I felt great while some of my friends were either half-drunk or had bloated bellies from huge dinners followed giant brownie desserts.

So being on the TT Diet Reconstruction program sure helped last night. After sitting around BS'ing and telling stories with some guys, I had a late snack of almonds and apricots.


Then got up early (5am local time) to do another TT Reconstruction Program and the TT Reconstruction 100 bodyweight circuit. This program - coming in July - has some of my favorite lesser known exercises. Watch for will be good times!

Then I had a breakfast snack of almonds and 2 apples while watching this:

Will have 2 big bowls of oatmeal at second breakfast soon.

Going home tomorrow morning,

Craig Ballantyne


christopher said...


About how many calories per day are you trying to consume right now? Do you have a specific number that you try to stick to or do you just a have a general idea and balance your meals out accordingly?

Lose Weight Quick said...

Hi Craig,

your right certainly do feel better when eating the right foods... i have enjoyed reading your blog.. i think it's got some great info hear thanks