Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Deadlift Workout

Great day today...started with a dog walk, then a workout, then got out of the city and drove to the country, hit the dog park, and then got home and gave Bally the Dog a bath. He was a stinky lil' stinker.

Workout went like this...

1) Power Clean - 175x3x5

2A) Deadlift - 350x2 (overhand, personal best), 375x2x2 (alt grip)
2B) 1-Arm DB Shoulder Press - 65x3x6

3A) Deadlift - 315x6, 225x13
3B) Cable Abs - 3x12

Weekend off, and new program starts Monday. Switching it up a bit.

Have an amazing and active weekend,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

PS - Check out the free TT Seminar videos

...last January we filmed a one day TT seminar in Toronto...and now the videos are online.

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1 comment:

Andy said...

Craig...great workout. You always amaze me.

I totally enjoyed your seminar video. It's just the sincerity and down to earth personality in your presentation that really got me.

Your knowledge base is exemptional.

Great video, Craig. Absolutely awesome stuff.

What can you commit to 12 weeks? A moving question everyone must ask themselves. And you're right - its a mindset shift. And if you persist - nothing can stop you. And it will be a habit for all of us to be enjoyed.

Thanks sincerely for being that life changer for many of us....