Friday, January 25, 2013

Trainer Lessons From Alwyn Cosgrove

"Investing in yourself always pays the best dividends".
That was the message from our guest speaker, Alwyn Cosgrove,
when he rocked the TT Summit last June.
His humorous yet touching story of how he built Results Fitness
while beating cancer - TWICE - had us all enthralled.
As Alwyn said about having Stage IV cancer, "There is no Stage V.
That means you're dead."
And yet despite fighting for his life in 2006, his gym had its best year
ever financially. Isn't that amazing?

Alwyn shared what he and his wife Rachel had done over the previous
five years to make that happen.

Learn how to build your business with Alwyn and Rachel here

And here's another one of my favorite lessons from Alwyn...
He once told me how the goal of his business is to be the high point
of his client's day.
As he explained, "You need to make the experience with you so
awesome that it's the best thing going in your client's life
Are you doing that? Are you even close to that? Imagine how
your personal training career would change if you made that
your mission. Powerful stuff.

The third big lesson that Alwyn shared was on becoming a category
killer. He's done extensive studies of what makes brands like
Starbucks and Zappos into "category killers", where they literally
have no other competition at the same level as them.
In Alwyn's business coaching program, they teach this concept to
gym owners.

What is that you can be doing to create your own category killer
business? How can you - or your gym - become known as the best
in town?

Dang powerful questions. There is so much to learn from him - a
two-decade icon of the fitness industry - when it comes to having
the best gym, creating a culture with amazing core values, and
emulating the integrity he brings to the fitness industry.

Truly a remarkable guy.

This will make your life a lot easier,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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