Tuesday, January 15, 2013

3 emotional triggers that stop fat loss

My good friend and fatloss hero Andréa Albright
sent me a shocking article today, and I just had
to share it with you:

Emotional "Triggers" proven to DESTROY fat loss <= must read article

Let me tease you a bit with the content:

You've probably heard about "emotional eating"?...

How when you eat when you're sad, or even when
you're celebrating, it can cause food addiction,
fatgain, and intense cravings the next day?

(If you haven't heard about that, then you REALLY
have to read Andréa's article!)

What you have NEVER heard of until today is this:

------->  Emotional Weight LOSS

Andréa lets you in what science is revealing to us re:
your emotional state -- and how you can "trick" your
body into releasing MORE bodyfat by tapping into
these emotional mindsets... HOWEVER:

You FIRST have to avoid the "3 Deadly Emotional
Triggers Of Fat Gain
" -- and if you're anything like
most people, you're eating in at least ONE of these
3 fat-making states...

Here's how to take control of it and drop more bodyfat,
if you're on a dietplan (best) or even if you're NOT:

Emotional "Triggers" proven to DESTROY fat loss <= read this article NOW

This info will help you finally lose fat,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
P.S.  Listen, it would be a 'shame' if...
...you let something as simple as these 3 emotional
'triggers' destroy your success when it comes to fat loss...

Andréa shares her experience and her solutions with
you below. You owe this to yourself to read today:
This article will FIX all of your fat loss problems today.

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