Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Tabata Training Clarification

My training today: Military press, Pulldowns, Pushups, T-bar row, DB triceps extensions, WYLIT, band pulls. Crazy lat/upper back pump.

Now onto our QnA featuring some fitness dogma that I had to clarify.

Q: Ok Craig, my question(s)... a while back you mentioned you did a workout on a bike... was that a stationary or actual road/mountain bike? What kind of workout did you do? I'm assuming it was an interval program and I was wondering how effective an actual road bike is for the interval training you endorse... i.e. Tabata style. Thanks!

First, just to clear things up, Tabata training is done on a treadmill at 170% VO2 max. Just because someone does something for 20 seconds does NOT make it Tabata training. It just means they did something for 20 seconds.

Second, I used stationary bike intervals, as recommended in Turbulence Training.

By the way, there is no 'best' interval duration for fat loss. There are theories that 8 seconds on, 12 seconds off, repeated for 20 minutes is best, but that is impractical for most machines.

In addition, the Tabata method has never been used in a fat loss study.

Please don't make any interval training into a magic bullet. For fat loss,
there's really been no comparisons against one another.

But we do know that intervals work better than slow cardio.

Q: Three best ab exercises?

First, I dislike these types of questions. Almost as bad as the, "If you only could only do one exercise..." questions.

Alright, my answer: First, everyone should be able to do a plank for 2 minutes straight. Second, then it depends on the person's goals, abilities, etc. If you're thinking six pack abs, just remember a six-pack depends mostly on low body fat levels.

Now over to our MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from "" claiming to be QnA on living a better life:

Q: How to deal with distractions like social media, telephones emails etc?

You need to have rules for your life and you need to control your environment. Your phone/Internet do not need to be on all the time. Here are my rules to help you make yours

Also, here are more politically incorrect time management tips

Q: How can I excel at my work? I aim to be the best.

The fastest way to get better at something is to get a mentor. Identify the person in your field that you admire the most and start building a relationship with them.

Q: how to feel more fired up about life?

Life is amazing. Just look at all of the beauty and opportunity in the world. It's almost unbelievable that we have televisions, airplanes, computerized cars, and prosthetics that allow people to almost qualify for the olympics (google Oscar Pistorius), not too mention trees, blue skies, flowers, and rainbows. And don't forget wine and chocolate. Need I continue? Create the desire within yourself to make you TAKE ACTION to satisfy your needs and wants. Motivation and inspiration can truly only come from within.

Q: I'm trying to create a scripted day to follow the next 100 days but I have lots of family coming to stay with me for weeks at a time over that period. My family lives about 2500 miles from me, so these visits only happen every few years. I constantly struggle with how I maximize rare opportunities like that, while also protecting the time I need to spend on my business.

Get up earlier. It's the answer to almost every time management problem in life. Also, identify your magic time, and book an appointment with yourself. That's when you'll get 3x's the amount of work done as you would at any other time of the day. Those two strategies will help you be as productive as normal - if not more productive - while family are visiting, all while still having enough time for them.

Q: How to end procrastination?

Just start taking action. There's no other answer. The only way to stop NOT doing something is to start doing it.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tips:
Failure means you've stopped. So don't stop. Keep at it. The more you move in the right direction towards success, the better you'll feel. Every day work on making new positive habits into automatic activities. Stay strong. Get stronger.

"Confidence sells – people believe in those who believe in themselves. No one wants to be stuck in a room with other people who feel like they don't deserve to be there. Stop wondering if you're good enough. Know you are, and start acting like it." – Simon Black

And today's business tips:

Don't make these mistakes on your site:

"Build (business) relationships for the sake of the relationship. If you're focused on the friendship as its own reward, good stuff just happens." – Tony Hsieh

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer


Philip Tucker said...

Man. You just knocked it out of the park with these Q&A's today. Basically get tougher, get more real, focus on what's important and let go of the rest. Also, glad to see you're being specific with Tabata workouts. Too many people think they can generalize and just call any intense HIIT 'Tabata' these days.

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Thanks Phillip, greatly appreciated.

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