Sunday, May 20, 2012

Problem with Gluten Free Diet

I have some good news, and some bad news today. We'll save
the BAD news to the end, okay?
First, the good news about what happens when you eliminate gluten
from your diet (using a TRUE gluten-free meal plan).

As Dr. Peter Osborne told me in our interview, the benefits
of going gluten free include:

- Improvements in memory
- Better regulation of bowel movements
- Reduction in chronic fatigue
- Less muscle and joint pain
- Improved thyroid function
- Better skin

BUT...not all gluten-free foods are truly gluten free. And so
I asked Dr. Osborne, "Peter, those 'so-called' gluten-free
foods that you find in stores, are they lying to us? Are these
foods really full of junk

Dr. Osborne replied:    
"Yes, they are full of junk, and full of genetically modified and
highly processed ingredients. They are loaded with sugar and
hydrogenated fat and are just not healthy.

Even if they were really gluten free, which many of them are
not despite what they claim, they're still not healthy.
That breaks our cardinal rule of nutrition. The cardinal rule
is you can't maintain or obtain good health eating food that
isn't healthy.

It just doesn't make sense to trade one food that's destroying
your health for another food that's just not good for you
when you're trying to heal from years of gluten induced damage.

Labeling laws in the U.S. pertaining to gluten are strictly
voluntary. There's no legal requirement to define what
gluten-free means on a food label.

So legally you can have a product that contains lots of gluten
and call it gluten free and not get in any trouble over it."

***Scary stuff***

My last question was, "Peter, are there any side effects of
a gluten-free diet?

His reply surprised me.

"I'd say that probably the biggest change we see in somebody
who just goes on a gluten free diet is weight loss.

"This is one of the big side effects we see. When you take
that insulin spike out (caused by foods that contain gluten)
their body starts saying, 'Hey, we don't have to store all
this fat, and so we're going to start burning this fat as
fuel instead.
' The result is we see a lot of weight loss in
many clients on a gluten free diet."

If fat loss is a side-effect that you can live with, then
a gluten-free diet might be for you.

Learn more from Dr. Osborne in his special report here:

To your best health now,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
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