Sunday, September 11, 2011

Inspirational Fat Loss Story

Did a quick deadlift workout at Fit Gym today in San Diego, and now I'm off to Denver for a couple of

Dang, I'm such a lucky person...I know the coolest people. You included. Had a fun night out in San
Diego at the Hard Rock. BTW, the Hard Rock in San Diego has the best event and checkin staff of any
hotel I've been too...really cool people.

PS - Had another great workout at Fit gym on old school chest workout with Bedros

And now for an inspirational fat loss story


This is a guest post by Rob Moore, a client of Certified Turbulence Trainer, Daniel Woodrum. Rob has
transformed his life both inside in out over the past year. He has lost close to 120lbs. Powerful stuff.

Craig Ballantyne

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