Tuesday, September 27, 2011

7 Tips to increase calorie burn

Despite what a lot of "gurus" say, the old calories in VS calories out battle still matters...a LOT.
To put it into the simplest of terms, weight loss occurs when we experience a caloric deficit. We all understand that if we burn more calories than we consume, we are destined to lose weight. Here are 7 tips to give you an extra edge and a lean middle.
1) Add kettlebell exercises.
A recent study from University of Wisconsin found that kettlebell training can burn up to 20 calories per minute.
That's an astounding rate of calorie burn...and no wonder why programs like the TT Kettlebell Revolution result in such dramatic fat loss.
2) Lift heavier and lift more
By challenging yourself and increasing the weight load even slightly during your next workout, not only will you stimulate your muscles and help break through a plateau, you'll also utilize more calories. Research shows that 8 reps per set burns more calories than 12 reps per set.
3) Crank the tunes
Professional athletes, bodybuilding competitors and Olympians alike use music to pump them up before an event and during a training session. Music has been shown to be a huge motivator and highly beneficial to performance during a workout. Good music helps you keep it going for one more set or one more interval.
4) Use supersets for a super metabolic effect
If you want an efficient, time saving, massive fat burning workout then you will want to skip the long rests between sets and opt for supersets or circuits. Pairing opposing muscle groups and jumping from one exercise right into the next allows you to utilize your rest time as work time. When done properly with the required intensity, supersets can create a high oxygen debt that will leave you pumped and burning calories long after your shower.
5) Be like Bally...and stay moving all the time
Ol' Bally the Dog loves to be outside and moving around...even when he's not doing his doggy intervals.
Making some simple changes in your everyday routine can have the added bonus of using up calories almost by accident. Leave the car at home and walk or bike to work or just get outside and play with your kids. There are endless ways to add some calorie burning to your everyday tasks.
PLUS - staying active keeps you out of the kitchen and stops the "calories in" from getting too big.
6) Hit intervals hard
Interval training kicks cardio's butt. The energy used in these workouts is huge and the excess post oxygen recovery is an added bonus, burning fat and calories for hours after your workout. It's tough, but it's most definitely worth the work.
7) Combine ALL of these methods in the 1000 Calorie Workout Challenge.
The legendary 1000 calorie workout challenge is back, and you can get the metabolism accelerator program here for a limited time:
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Time to burn more calories,
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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