Friday, May 20, 2011

Politically Incorrect Interview with John Romaniello

It's going to be an interesting Friday afternoon...

Today I'm interviewing John "Roman" Romaniello for the June issue of the TT Secret Society Newsletter.

It will easily be the most politically incorrect interview I've ever done.

Not holding back on this one.

But it will still be tasteful, of course.   :)

Roman and I are going to cover:

- The exact plan you need to follow in the last 5-7 days before a transformation contest or fitness model photoshoot

- Advanced strength progressions using wave loading & periodization

- The truth about drugs and supplements in fitness model fat loss

- Superior training methods to manipulate Growth Hormone and lactic acid levels for maximum fat burning

- The truth about how sex drives everything we do (Roman's words, not mine)

- Intense ladder workouts & extreme conditioning with the prowler

So much funz when you get on the phone with Roman.

That interview will be shipped out to all TT Trainers and all TT Secret Society readers in early June.

You can reserve your copy here when you try out the first two issues and get a free copy of my Personal Memoirs:


In addition to John's interview, the June TT Secret Society newsletter will also include:

* A Look at Some Major Personal Decisions I Have to Make

* The Truth & Science Behind Bodyweight Cardio Fat Burning

* A Review of My West Coast Trips to Las Vegas and San Diego (Full travel schedule available inside each newsletter)

* How to Rehab Injuries with Acupuncture, ART, & Self-Massage - Featuring a bonus interview with my chiropractor about my personal injuries and rehab

* The Fat Burning Secrets of "TT Hardcore 2K6"

* And an In-Depth Look at an Even BETTER Meatheads Workout

Again, you'll only get that information in the PRINT newsletter called the TT Secret Society that I'll ship directly to your doorstep next month.

Get your copy here:


You'll also receive...

1) Issue ONE of the Turbulence Training Secret Society, featuring:

* My Personal Story of the "Emergency Trip to Tampa"
* My Shoulder Rehab Program
* The 4 Fat Burning Secrets of the TT Buff-Dudes Workout
* Tips on How to Build Your Own "Fat Loss Research Lab"
* A 1-hour audio CD where I discuss the latest changes to the Turbulence Training System

2) Issue TWO of the Turbulence Training Secret Society Inner Circle delivered directly to your doorstep, featuring:

* My Personal Story About "selling the farm"
* The Fat Burning Secrets Behind TT 2K4
* My Low-Back Rehab Program
* 3 Golden Rules of Safe Ab & Low-Back Training
* An Inside Look at a Personal Client's Meathead-Style Workout
* My Daily Documents I Read Each Morning: Part 1
* A 1-Hour interview with Alwyn Cosgrove on Metabolic Training


You get my 40-page Personal Memoirs as a free bonus.

We'll ship these out today for you.

Get your copy here:


But today's the last day to get ALL of this for just $9.95, and free shipping anywhere in the world.

Let me know if you have any questions about it,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - I've set a date for my 1st TT Training Summit.

It will be August 26-27th in Southern California.

If you're a TT Certified Trainer, it's free.

If you're a member of the TT Secret Society, you'll save 50% on the price of admission.

Stay tuned for more details.

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