Friday, August 06, 2010

Pre-Wedding Workout

Just finished up the wedding rehearsal outside in the Florida heat, so I need to cool down before dinner.

Before the rehearsal I hit Gold's Gym for a workout:

1A) Military Press
1B) Chins

2) DB Rows

That's all I had time for. The workout was good, but I was disappointed to see a trainer have a client do 6-inch barbell squats standing on a BOSU. Enough already. We can do better.

But overall, I'm in a great mood. I also treated myself to a first class upgrade on the flight down and it was a darn good decision. Only the 3rd time I've done that, but my only other option was a middle seat on a packed plane.

Finally, today's kickbutt mindset tip:

‎"If things start to become complicated, stop, regroup, and start over. Success is always simple. Not easy, but simple."
- Larry Winget

That's it for today. Big wedding tomorrow!




darrin said...

i'm guessing you've mentioned this before......but why no exercises on a BOSU?
i also see people at the gym doing this sort of stuff, not that i do any myself, but i would like to hear some more info this subject (or a link to an old post).

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS said...

Why would I use a BOSU? We get better results without it.