Sunday, October 18, 2009

3rd TT Success Story of the Month

Recently we heard from Janine about her success with the TT for Buff Dudes and Hot Chicks, and today we here from Janene who is 3 weeks into Turbulence Training...and loving it.

So we give out another 1-Year Platinum TT Membership - this time to Janene. And you can win a 1-Year Platinum Membership too, just submit your success story to:


"I decided to try TT because I've exhausted every possible option that has to do with diet and exercise in the world (probably).  

I'm 45, 5 4" and 140# and in ok shape. I've been a gym member since I was 24. Seems the older I get the harder it has been for me to get rid of the 10-
15 pounds that I've gained over the past oh 3 years or so.    

So I purchased the Turbulence Training for a few reasons to try something new (once again) for the fiftieth time, to try to loose the extra pounds, get much more toned and finally see if I could actually benefit from something new.  

Well as I said I'm only three weeks in and I wasn't really sure if things were changing, I mean my clothes still fit they're not baggy or anything, I have noticed that my butt is much firmer, my stomach is getting flatter and my arms are looking toned.  

The reality that it IS working for me happened yesterday after a sweaty wonderful quick 40 minute TT training workout at the Gym.  

First let me explain quickly that there is a woman at my gym who has been in many competitions, has been on the cover of a local paper for an add done on Women Body builders and is a personal trainer at my gym.  

Anyway while I was working out and almost at the end of my workout and doing push ups dripping sweat on the floor, I felt someone looking at me and maybe
watching me.  

Yep it what her as she was training a client.  

Anyway I left the gym and went to Nob Hill to get stuff for salad.  As I was standing in the check out line I heard a voice behind me say "well you look familiar" I turned around and it was you know who.  

We said hello's and introduced ourselves.  She asked how my workouts have been going, my response was that I've just started TT, and that I like it so far it's quick, and I get a really great workout.  

She continued on and asked about it more and wanted to know where I heard about it etc.  

In that whole conversation the thing that she said to me that made me feel so great, was " I can see that it's working for you" as she looked at my arms and my body.  


Now I'm pumped to finish the 12 weeks to see where I end up.  And I know she's going to be looking into Turbulence Training for sure. Until 12 weeks is up this is it for now."

Congrats Janene. Looking forward to your continued success with Turbulence Training!


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