Monday, October 26, 2009

1 surprising secret about body transformations

The other week a new TT member named "Kari" started on the TT forum, and like many folks, she was very skeptical that cutting back on her workout time would give her the results she wanted.

After all, she was stuck at a plateau for a long time - even though she was exercising hours and hours each week.

In fact, she was so skeptical that she "called me out" on the forum and told me she just didn't think it was possible.

Here's what she wrote after her first workout...

"so today i finally kick off my TT (buff dudes and hot chicks). I'm so used to doing traditional bodybuilding splits that this didn't feel like i did enough work per muscle group. I lifted as heavy as i could for the amount of reps specified but i'm so used to doing isolation exercises that this was hard. Did anyone else feel this way when they started. Other then that it was a great workout and the cardio intervals kicked my butt!"

After a few TT Members re-assured her that she was doing TT right, we then got these amazing new updates every week from Kari...

"ok, so for the past year i have been stuck at 120#. This was my first week on TT and i lost one pound! I know its not much but its past my plateau and this was after my carb loaded cheat meal!!!! I'm excited. Hopefully i will get to 115# without working out so much"

And then the next week...

"down another 1.5lbs this week!!!! I posted last week about doing steady state b/c i was getting the itch again that more cardio is better. Well i held to no steady state and have stuck with just
doing TT on mon,wed,fri and then on tues/thurs doing yoga. I can't believe that i'm losing weight by working out less! my diet is the same as it was before. thank you so much for developing this system!"

And finally, just yesterday she wrote...

"down another pound this week. I'm now at 116! One more pound and i've reached my goal and i've done this from doing LESS! Completely blows my mind!"

How cool is that?!

I get so excited when I hear these success stories...because I now know that another TT member has discovered the one shocking secret to success that most "Cardio folks" at the gym never learn, and that is...

"The LESS you do, the MORE you LOSE!"

It goes against everything you were ever taught in running circles, at the gym, or in your favorite fitness rag, but it is the TRUTH!

Transforming your body is all about quality training and whole, natural food nutrition.

Plus, to keep your progress going, I want to make sure you have the same workouts and support as Kari.

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Helping you get more results with less work,

Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

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