Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Goal Achievement Masterclass Soon!

Hey, I've got some exciting news for you.
On Monday night I'm hosting a FREE "Goal Achievement Video Masterclass" online.

You're going to get the secrets I teach my clients to achieve extraordinary results in every area of your life in 2017.

Please mark your calendars for Monday, January 16th at 9pm EST.

During this live online video presentation, you'll discover...
•    The #1 cause of pain and frustration in your life... and what you can do about it right now
•    3 simple strategies for overcoming the mental clutter that comes from having too many opportunities in life
•    A quick and easy way to develop mental clarity & achieve your most important goals
•    3 success tools to help structure your day for faster results
•    A 2-step solution for overcoming all the obstacles in your way so you get more done

Click this link to reserve your spot on the free video presentation

You'll be able to watch the presentation from your computer or mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

Please click the link above to get the full details on how to attend.

I'm looking forward to helping you and I will also be available to take questions during and after the presentation.

Click this link to reserve your spot on the free video presentation

Talk soon,

Craig Ballantyne
Creator, The Perfect Day Formula

Craig Ballantyne
Founder, ETR University
Creator, Turbulence Training

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