Monday, August 01, 2016

Benching Back in the City of Ballantyne

Ah yes, good to be home.

Alas, Saturday was another one of those days at the airport.

And I knew it was starting off too good to be true.

The drive from downtown Denver to the airport was only 25 minutes. It's normally closer to 40.

I was through security in minutes, and even got to go through an old school metal detector, not a scatter scanner.

We boarded on time and were out on the runway when...

...that dreaded announcement came.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we need to go back to the jet bridge and have maintenance come on board."


Not the first time this has happened to me...surely won't be the last.

And so we deplaned.

I think that's the third time I've had to deplane in my "travel career".

Fortunately, the flight eventually was able to go, and we were just 3 hours late.

And after a 90-minute drive in my rental car, I was back at the farm, safe and sound.

Grateful, too.

I mean really, I traveled thousands of miles in just hours.

While watching Zootopia.

(Or at least part of it, I wasn't that entertained so I didn't finish it.)

What a time to be alive!

So let's get to the health and training portion of this update...

I didn't sleep as well as expected last night, but still managed 7 hours.

I'm almost over my jetlag.

Sunday morning I hit the local YMCA. It was good to be back and under the bar.

Workout went like this:

1a) Bench - worked up to 195x7

1b) Pullups

2a) DB Low-Incline Press

2b) Bodyweight Row

Tomorrow is a day off and then I'm back in for deadlifts on Tuesday.

After the workout I hung in the downtown area of my little city. It was full of tourists in town to stroll down by the river and attend the local Shakespearean Festival. There was a busload of Japanese tourists. And it was funny to see them all go to Subway for lunch.

Humans sure are a creature of habit... almost always opting for safety instead of adventure.

I've done it too...once went to a TGIF's while in Norway.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:

Failure isn't bad. Failure isn't final. If there is one thing I know after having observed this crazy world for 41 years, it's that you can SURVIVE almost anything and come back better and stronger than ever before. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from achieving the success you deserve. Failure only hurts when you’ve quit on something important to you. So don’t. Keep at it. The more you move in the right direction towards success, the better you’ll feel. Every day you must work on making new positive habits second nature automatic. Make little bets and take big steps forward every day. Stay strong. Never quit. You can do it.

So go and do it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Gotta love these comments on my kickbutt quote on FB...

Lisa Dean This is the best thing I follow on FB. Thanks for the inspirational messages.

Allan Millard
Allan Millard Yes, needed this. Fitness testing this week and I seem to only see my failures. I won't stop though until I get where I want to be

Lourdes Nacif Very true!! Love all the wonderful messages.

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