Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Dang that Deadlift

Darn, it was a disappointing deadlift day in the gym.

Something was sore in my left shoulder. I'm guessing, but I think it's teres major or long head triceps origin on the scap.

So I had to shut it down.

And that's a message that works well in all

Its OK to say NO. Make the right decisions for you. Doing more doesn't always mean doing better. Doing better doesn’t always mean doing more

Still managed a decent total body workout.

1A) Deadlift - shut down 1/2 way through 3rd set
1B) Did 1 set of shrugs to failure to finish

2A) BB Incline Press
2B) Hang Clean

3A) Leg Curl
3B) BB Row

Did lots of stretching and some foam rolling at the end. There are a few things that seem to speed my recovery, and so I used everything in my bag of tricks. I'll be off from upper body for a few days, and hope to get one more good deadlift session in before heading to Rio next Tuesday.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip:
Relax, let go, and allow those who can help you to help you. You don’t need be a hero, a martyr, or sacrificial lamb. You don’t always need to go it on your own. It’s okay to show a weakness, to address it, to fix it. It’s okay to wear bandages on your wounds. Your world is not full of sharks out for blood. Instead, you are surrounded by people that care and want to help you as much as you want to help others. So let them.

Let it go my friend,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - 75!

That’s how many podcast interviews I’ve now done this year.

Some of them have been lame, most have been ‘good enough’, and then some of them have been awesome, like this one.

The young man who interviewed me is determined to make millions with his podcast, and he put an extraordinary amount of work into being prepared for the call and turning it into not only a iTunes download, but also a great YouTube video.

Craig video ss

Here’s a summary of the show…and don’t miss the part where I call him out for making a BIG mistake in his personal life.


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