Monday, August 29, 2016

flat belly abs exercises

Here it is… as promised.

Your new flat belly abs exercise video and circuit…

…that doesn't require back-destroying sit-ups or crunches.

Here's how your NEW flat belly system works...

•    Choose 1 exercise from each category below (stretching, lower abs, & obliques).
•    Perform each exercise for 30-40 seconds in a circuit.
•    Go through this circuit twice with minimal rest.
•    Do this workout 2 times per week in addition to your regular TT workouts.
•    You'll shed belly fat fast and have six pack abs before you know it.

Here are the exercise categories:

1) Ab Lengtheners

-Stability Ball Rollouts
-Ab Wheel or Power Wheel Rollouts
- Inchworms
-Standing TRX Fallouts (advanced)
-Kneeling TRX Fallouts (intermediate/beginner)

2) Lower Abs

-Mountain Climbers
-Stability Ball Pike
-TRX Jackknife
-TRX Single-Leg Mountain Climbers
-TRX Pike

3) Obliques

-Cross-Body Mountain Climbers
-Side Plank

That's it!

Watch a free video of these flat belly exercises here

Screen shot 2016 08 23 at 1.36.33 pm
Ha… that's what I call an "evil Canadian grin"
Have fun!

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