Friday, April 29, 2016

Frustrated - read this

Take at look at what two of my successful coaching clients have to say about how I can help you...

Kaminski"Craig's mentoring helped me get more organized. I used to get bogged down with the details of my day, but his mentoring has shown me how to focus on what really matters in my business and in my life. Creating the 'perfect day' as Craig has mentored me to do, has allowed me to do more of the things that make me happy. I now have the personal boundaries in my life that give me purpose and direction. Craig's coaching clarified my thinking. Life is no longer complicated, and he's given me the confidence to live my life the way I've chosen to live rather than the way others expect me to live. More importantly, he provides 'doable' steps to take, even when things seem confusing. As a result of Craig's coaching and his Perfect Day Formula, I've been able to simultaneously build a six-figure business while recovering from a broken marriage with confidence. I've regained my zest for life by applying the Perfect Day. I recommend Craig's coaching for anyone that wants a more fulfilling life. He'll help you focus on what really matters and get you on the fast track to greatness, giving you the step-by-step guidance you need along the way." - Shawna Kaminski, age 51, Calgary, Canada

Hadsall"Before I met Craig I struggled with obstacles that hindered my progress. I thought success was all about managing my time, but through Craig I discovered how to increase my productivity by removing the temptations that get in the way. His solution is surprisingly simple and can be applied by anybody. The #1 lesson he taught me is that 'Structure equals Freedom'. When your days are scripted and planned out you have a proven road map to be more productive, while doubling your free time for family and other quality relationships. Owning the day with Craig's methods has improved the communication and quality time I spend on my marriage and on my relationships with my children and grandchildren. That's something you simply cannot put a price tag on. After applying The Perfect Day Formula to my life, I'm getting more done before noon than I used to get done after working 12 hours. I recommend this for anyone feeling overwhelmed. This book will help you be present in the moment, while showing you how to achieve your goals – whether they are financial, fitness, or family focused!" - Shaun Hadsall, Stubborn Fat Expert & Best Selling Nutrition Author

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I've seen way too many people quit, give up, and even lose everything because they spent all their time focusing on the wrong things.

Yet once you find the one thing you were meant to do, the money, success, and freedom come right along with it.

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Taking care of you,

Craig Ballantyne

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