Monday, June 29, 2015

Max Pushups and Triceps Crushed in a Weird Trip to Denver

Well, there's a first for everything. Sometimes, like on yesterday's flight from Denver to Toronto, there is a first for three things all in one wild afternoon.

But first, let me start with Sunday morning. Ol' Bally the Dog and I went for a 90-minute leisurely walk to start the day. We got home just before it started raining. That seemed to be the theme for the day, getting in just in time. After a breakfast and some writing, it was off to the airport, where I arrived just before some heavy rains. Fortunately my flight was ready to take off on time…

…except we were delayed an hour waiting for other passengers on connecting flights. I've flown a lot, but I've never waited that long for other passengers. It raised another issue…all the people on our flight were now going to miss their connections in Denver! I guess you can't win.

We sat around so long that I even resorted to watching a movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service, on the plane. I rarely watch movies because I often have so much reading material.

It worked out well because I made some almond butter sandwiches on Paleo Bread (from for the trip.

It almost did NOT work out well because the flight attendant made an unusual announcement after our last straggling passenger arrived.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a passenger with a severe nut allergy, so please do not eat peanuts or cashews."

But wait...did this mean almonds, too? Oh dear, I was going to be really hungry if that was the case. Fortunately, once we were up in the air, the flight attendant brought around packages of almonds to everyone in business class (where they usually serve mixed almonds and cashews). Looked like almonds were good to go...and at no point did anyone on the plane start screaming or jabbing themselves with an EpiPen. Hurray!

So I had my sandwiches and an apple and watched that ridiculous - and really long - movie filled with great actors and a few laughs.

Finally, it was time to descend into Denver...and directly into a thunderstorm. This was the first flight I had ever been on where the pilot turned directly towards the lightning. We arrived literally minutes before the airport grounded all flights.

Our lucky day! I've had 8 hour delays in Germany, 6 hour delays in Houston, two aborted landing attempts in one flight, diversions to other airports, early arrivals, late departures due to excessive heat, and many other up-in-the-air adventures in between, but never those three weird things on Sunday's trip.

Good times!

So…after all that…it was an epic wet-n-wild adventure to get to my hotel in Denver, and only about 45 minutes later than planned. That allowed me to get to sleep at a decent time, but I woke up early because my body is still on East Coast Time. I did a quick Monday workout to get rid of some stress and anticipation about a big week of important meetings out here at Early To Rise/TT HQ.

Warmup in the hotel room of upper body mobility and lower yoga

1A) Maximus Pushup (1-1-1-1) - new PB of 35 reps
1B) Iron Cross

2A) Pullups
2B) Bike Intervals

3A) Chinups
3B) Triceps Crushed Dropset <= Great times!

Alright, time to get to work.

Coming up:
Tuesday Off Day Walk
Squats on Wednesday
Thursday Walk
Friday Bench and Flight Home
Saturday Walk
Sunday Deadlift!

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Earn it,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

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