Tuesday, June 09, 2015

How to stop this health killer

Now, I don't want this to scare you. 

Because the entire point of this email is to give you HOPE. 

Because my friends Chad and Brenda (Doctor's of Physical Therapy) have spent the last several years developing ways every one of their patient's could destroy this hidden threat...

And they've agreed to share it all with you.

See the entire story for yourself: Click Here

We ALL want to AVOID age without grace, surgery after surgery and gagging down prescription after prescription. 

Ignoring this threat and what you can do about it RIGHT NOW, will only increase your "chance" of getting "picked". 

At least that's what the research is saying: Click Here

I want to destroy that chance as much as possible for you. (Even if corporate medicine and big pharma don't...) 

It all starts with the right knowledge. 

Chad and Brenda cover all the bases on HOW this threat happened in the first place...to exactly WHAT you can do about it. 

Don't miss this chance to educate yourself: Click Here

To your health and future. 

Stay strong and keep on pushing on,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - The worst thing about this threat? It still hurts those who are already decreasing their odds of disease by exercising and eating healthy! Don't ignore this...ESPECIALLY if you think you're a fairly healthy person. 

Remove yourself from the game of chronic disease - Chad and Brenda can help: Click Here

PPS - From my Maximus Mentor...

"There are those who inspire us, motivate us, and make us better in all we do. Spend time with these people. Learn from them. Try to live up to the example they set. You'll be much better for it. We all become what we hang around." – Robert MacDonald, @bobbymaximus

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