Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I can remember when I first committed to a "Paleo" style of eating...

My energy was bursting. Keeping the fat off my 6-pack abs was easier than ever.

For breakfast?  Sizzling strips of bacon, fresh sliced avocado, and pasture-raised eggs -- scrambled is my favorite ... The TRUE breakfast of champions - and Bally the Dog :)!  This paleo breakast is much better for you than the typical *new* American breakfast of cereal (even so called 'whole grains'), which only destroys your insulin sensitivity, kills your energy (carb crash), and messes up your hormones.

Who knew bacon and eggs would be the trigger for my new-found fat loss results and more stable energy?  Every day, I'd wake up, and look forward to the sound, the smell, the taste.

Until one day… I didn't.

I was getting bored of the same old eggs and bacon every morning.  

But what else was there? I couldn't go back to bagels or cereal like I ate in high-school. I couldn't afford to have energy crashes or deal with the side effects of gluten. 

And skipping breakfast altogether was simply not an option. I'm okay with waiting until after I walk Bally, but by then I'm pretty hungry, and although I've tried the intermittent fasting, it's not something I want to do everyday.  I prefer to eat a nice breakfast instead.

Scouring the Internet for a tasty and satisfying Paleo breakfast ideas proved frustrating and time consuming.

And then one of my fitness buddies, Mike Geary, sent me these incredible paleo breakfast recipes...

Hmmmmmm, delicious. Recipe after recipe, everything I tried turned out great. And that's coming from Craig "the Kitchen Clutz" Ballantyne, so you know they are super easy to make. 

Now I finally had what I craved... Quick & Easy Variety.

The best part?

These Paleo-friendly breakfast meals can all be made within 10 short minutes. That's even faster than making bacon and eggs, and now I have all-morning energy for my TT workouts and my marathon video-filming sessions.

Whoever said it is right... Breakfast *IS* the most important meal in a Paleo day. And double that, especially when you're following these kick-butt recipes:

>> Paleohacks Awesome Paleo Breakfast Recipes

I still love bacon and eggs for breakfast maybe once a week.  But now I have so much more variety, I never get tired of anything.  There are just so many fantastic options in here. Enjoy these fat burning breakfast dishes.

Stay strong thanks to an amazing breakfast,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - Own your mornings and win your days!

You can't change everything, but you can control many things. Be pro-active, not re-active. Control your mornings and you will win your days. Start with the right fat-burning breakfast today.

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