Saturday, June 27, 2015

Backyard Blitz and Mystery Man

Fun workout today in the garage and backyard. I originally planned to hit the YMCA for a bench press session, but if I can find a reason to stay home and use the garage gym, I always do.

Today it was cloudy. And windy. So I wimped out on biking to the gym. That's no problem on upper body day, but I do not let this happen on squat or deadlift day.

It turned out to be a great decision because I just finished and it just started to rain! I would have been wet out on the bike...and the dog would have needed an extra walk (he gets to hang out in the backyard when I train at home).

The workout:

- Maximus Pushups
- Band Pull
- Yoga stretches

1A) Powerblock (PB) Chest Press
1B) PB Shrug

2A) 1-Arm Overhead KB Press
2B) TRX Row

3) 53lb KB Farmer Walk - 2 minutes 42 seconds. New record. Forearms will be fried tomorrow. Good thing I don't really need them when I fly to Denver...that's more of a lat and triceps thing. :)

Great times. Hope you have a good weekend. I'll do an interval workout on Monday and a Squat session on Wednesday to celebrate Canadia Day.

Today's Kickbutt Mindset Tip is a Success Profile

From Men's Fitness


"He was up at 4:45am, hit his knees in his prayer room, resting on a small church bench his wife bought him for his birthday, head bowed, lips moving earnestly, a daily reflection, a few devotionals sent to him by a friend, a couple of psalms every morning. This has been his routine for the last 15 years: hit the knees and focus, he says, on what's right and what matters. It's what keeps his head on straight."


He's an Oscar-nominated actor, the mini-van driving father of four children, a lifelong pugilist, former drug user and gang member, and a hard-driving competitor in everything he's done. That's why he's become so successful. "I grew up with nothing," he said, "In America, in one generation, you can turn that around."


Thrown in jail at age 16 after pleading guilty to assault, he realized he had to change. I thought, "This is what my life is? No, I don't want this. I'll do everything I can to turn it around." That was the first transformation in his life. The second came a decade later. After everything he'd been through and accomplished, "I didn't become a man, he says, until I became a father."


Today he has a reputation for being a pro, showing up on time, treating everyone with respect, embracing the sacrifice, doing the work, and for never, ever giving up.

Who do you think it is?

Get devoted,

Craig Ballantyne, CTT

PS - Ancient wisdom for today's success.

"Whatever you would make habitual, practice it; and if you would not make a thing habitual, do not practice it, but accustom yourself to something else." - Epictetus

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