Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday update!

Hey, Happy Friday night! Now I have bad news, some VERY bad news, some good news, and great news, too...let's leave the worst for last, ok?
But to start, a little bit of bad dear friend Diana Keuilian has run out of free books. She's given away 15,000 in the last three days. That's incredible, and thank you if you've already claimed yours...
...however, there is some GOOD news if you missed out. Because so many TT reader still wanted to take advantage of her deal - and get the book BEFORE it goes for sale on Amazon next week - Di is offering you a chance to get 100 recipes for just a couple of bucks (heck, it's less than I just spent at Starbucks on water and a peppermint tea). 
Grab your copy here <= INSTANT access to use tonight to lose fat!
Here's WHY you want this book...if you do NOT get it, you're going to end up eating a TON of junk between now and New Year's...and even the first week of January with all the football games and extra days off with your kids that will be going on until January 5th. 
If you don't have Di's recipes, you'll end up eating the 5 WORST ingredients for your belly, and you'll feel terrible, you'll gain weight, you'll suffer from bloating and constipation, you'll sleep poorly, and you'll likely catch a cold because of what those junk ingredients do to your immune system.
But if you eat amazing, delicious fat burning meals using Diana's secret, healthy recipes, you'll actually LOSE fat over the holidays, have more energy than a 6-year old on Christmas morning, and you'll stay healthy so that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday season with your family. 
That's the GREAT news. If your resolution for 2015 is to lose weight and be healthier then these fat burning recipes are going to help you quickly get the body that you want while eating tasty meals all day long.

Consider this amazing deal on this fantastic fat burning resource as our Christmas gift to you. Enjoy!

You'll find your new cookbook is packed with over 100 healthy, fat burning, metabolism boosting meals and desserts that taste so good that your treats will be the envy of all the other cooks in your if you want to 'show off' your kitchen skills at a holiday gathering, you MUST get it now.
Plus, and this is my favorite part, her meals will help you lose belly fat without dieting, counting calories or sacrificing flavor.

So say goodbye to junky holiday foods that steal your energy and bloat your belly, and say hello to the most delicious weight loss recipes in the world.

Check out the fat loss results that folks just like you have achieved by using the recipes found in your new cookbook here

But you only have until midnight tomorrow to instantly download your copy of this fat burning cookbook - and then the price TRIPLES.
Enjoy a great meal tonight,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - So here's the WORST news of the day...
I'm out in Denver at our 3rd annual Toys for Tots event where me, my Turbulence Training team, and 40 of our friends (like Joel Marion, the Keuilians, Jason Ferruggia, Shaun Hadsall, Mike Geary, and Isabel De Los Rios) will be buying toys for the Marines Denver toy drive. 
Yesterday the Marines informed me that they are in great need of toys for girls and boys between 0-2 and also for girls and boys 10 & up. I walked through the warehouse yesterday and the boxes for these age ranges were nearly empty!!!
So here's what I'm going to do...Diana and I are going to take the proceeds of our promotion of Diana's book and spend that on toys for tots. But I need YOUR help. All you need to do is grab a copy of Diana's book and those few dollars will go directly to buying toys for needy children. 
You will be SAVING Christmas for at least one little boy or girl when you take advantage of Diana's amazing offer today.
Thank you SO much for helping a kid have a better Christmas, all while helping yourself to the best weight loss cookbook in the world - just in time for you to enjoy awesome holiday treats. 
It's a win-Win-WIN situation! 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for ALL that you do.


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