Monday, December 15, 2014

Female Fat Loss Over 40

Women's Health magazine has just put me in charge of an intense new project. I'll be reviewing the diet and workout programs of five women over the age of 40 to identify why they are NOT getting results. Then I'll be fixing their programs to help them lose weight and fix their trouble spots. It's like Restaurant Makeover, but for fat loss. ;)
Unlike most male trainers, or perky new female trainer 'fitness bunnies', I understand the trials and tribulations that you are going through. I've helped tens of thousands of women to lose fat and get back in shape (from pregnancy, layoffs, a slowing metabolism as they age, etc.) both on the Internet and in the real-world (i.e. when I was a 40-session per week trainer).
It's NOT your fault that past programs and diets haven't worked for you. It's the trainers and the magazines that are failing you.
The only other female fat loss over 40 expert that is on my level is Shawna Kaminski, Master Certified Turbulence Trainer. Not only has Shawna studied directly under me to use the TT principles to help her clients, but Shawna is also 51 years old and has flat, sexy abs (and can do more pullups than me!).
Shawna is the world's "go-to" fat loss expert for women over 40. Her program is guaranteed to work for you, no matter how many other diets and DVD's you've tried.

Fix your fat loss today,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

PS - How to Have a Great Week:
Get out of "fat gaining" situations as quickly as possible. Don't put yourself in situations where temptation will be too great for your willpower. Cut your losses. Don't feel bad trashing junk food.
If you really, truly want to lose fat, you won't let others make you feel guilty for your decisions.
Surround yourself with positive people. Get rid of the toxic ones in your life.
Have a GREAT week!
Keep on making CAN do the impossible - you can lose fat and get lean over the holidays. Stay true to yourself.

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