Saturday, December 06, 2014

Fix your diet instantly

Did you make one of these 3 diet mistakes today? 1) Eating too much sugar and skyrocketing your fat storage hormone? 2) Overdosing on belly-bloating grains? 3) Too many artificial ingredients and processed foods?
If so, we can FIX your diet right now so that you:
a) Lose up to 20 pounds of fat by Christmas
b) Allow you to eat delicious comfort foods (without sacrificing taste)
c) Impress your friends and family with amazing meals
This is your last chance to take advantage of the pre-launch celebration sale of my dear friend Diana Keuilian's cookbook. She is known as the recipe HACKER because she takes traditional comfort foods and desserts and improves them by swapping OUT the junk and putting in the health. Her foods support fat loss and prevent you from gaining weight.
BTW, Diana is such a sweetheart. She spoke at our recent personal trainer event in Costa Mesa, California, and she was voted the BEST speaker of the weekend, even though she had never done a presentation before. It was her genuineness, caring, amazing info, and love for the audience that earned her the rave reviews...and she's put the same level of effort, integrity, and goodwill into her cookbook. That's just another reason why you will love it.
Her book, The Recipe Hacker, is this season's hottest selling fat loss cookbook and it's packed with over 100 delicious fat burning meals and desserts that you and your family will love.
When The Recipe Hacker cookbook is released next week in bookstores worldwide it will cost $21.95, but you can get INSTANT access to an advanced digital copy for $5.95 before midnight tonight.
You'll be a HERO in your family's eyes ... all while improving your health and energy levels thanks to Diana's 'recipe hacks'.
The Recipe Hacker is instantly downloadable so that you can start enjoying the amazing recipes tonight. This is my gift to you for the holidays! But you must request your copy now before the offer ends tonight at midnight.
Off to enjoy one of her delicious snack recipes right now,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - You can finally feed yourself and your family amazing meals...
...and desserts that taste delicious, are healthy, and that will help you lose weight all year round (even over the holidays). Say goodbye to bloating, constipation, and weight gain from traditional foods and say hello to a beautiful cookbook that will change your life.
Get your fat burning cookbook here <= sale giveaway ends tonight
PPS - Remember to...
"Believe in yourself. You're capable of more than you think. You have more within you than you give yourself credit for." – Robert MacDonald

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