Friday, December 26, 2014

Change today and win my money!

If you have fallen "off the wagon" this week, here's the BEST advice:
Cut your losses, don't worry about it, and get back on track. Immediately. Any mistake is simply minor damage that can be dealt with.
Everyone eats & drinks too much this week (I know Bally the Dog sure did!). But you can't let one day or even one week turn into three months of bad let's get back on track right now.
The great news is that there is a simple and FREE way for you to get back in shape starting today. After all, there's no reason to wait till New Year's to lose weight.
If you have 15-25 pounds - or more - to lose then here's what to do:
1) Join the 22nd Turbulence Training Transformation Contest.
It starts today and you have a chance to win $1000 of my money just for losing your belly fat and getting back in shape. And the contest is FREE. 
2) Get a newspaper and take your Before photo.
I know this doesn't sound like fun, but trust me, your greatest regret when it comes to your weight loss success story will be that you didn't have a Before photo taken to prove how far you've come. In 4-8 weeks from now, when you're down 15 pounds, you'll want to look back and say, "See where I was? And look at how good I look now!"
In a weird way, taking a Before photo will be one of the best presents you give yourself this Christmas. Plus, it's needed for you to win my money. :)
3) Use any Turbulence Training workout program for the next 12 weeks.
You'll lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more over the next 3 months. (Our top TT Transformation winner lost 51 pounds in the contest - that's the record.) 
You can also workout with a Certified Turbulence Trainer in person.
4) Take your After photo at the end of the contest & submit your entry.
All of the contest details & best photo tips can be found on this page:
So even if you feel tired, bloated, and yucky today, you can change that by starting the free TT Transformation Contest immediately. Imagine how great you will feel tomorrow, on New Year's Day, and in 12 weeks from now!
Grab your paper, take your photo...and change your life!
5) Don't forget: Start with this workout...
It's been used by more Transformation Contest winners than anything else.
This is where you change your life,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer
PS - It's never too late to improve. Commit to getting better every day.
PPS - You are almost OUT of time to win my money...
There are only a few days left in 2014, and I want to wish you a very happy 2015. Why wait till New Year's Day to change your life?
If you start today, you'll be ahead of the game and closer to your goals. And YES, you can still have a blowout night on New Year's Eve, so enjoy it! I know I will. But you could be down 2 pounds by then if you start now. So I want to see you in the contest. Let's make this our biggest and best yet!
Click here to enter our FREE TT Transformation Contest
This is the 22nd TT Transformation Contest and over 7 years we've paid out more than $150,000 in cash to winners from ALL over the world (from Australia to California to Hungary to Spain and many countries in-between).
You could be next! But you have to take action today.

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