Wednesday, December 24, 2014

1-minute fat burners

The NY Times recently reported that a "lovely new study found that a single-minute of intense exercise improves health & fitness". Of course, that study needed a fancy bike that you can only find in research labs, but we can take the findings and give you a bodyweight substitution. 
Here are your 1-Minute workout options for the holidays. When you are feeling stressed, when you need an energy boost, and when you are about to sit down to a high-calorie meal, take a minute and slip away to get your daily 1-minute workout & energy boost. 
The 1-Minute Christmas Workouts
By Craig and Bally
Option A: The Total Body Extension Blast
- Simply do 60 seconds of the Total Body should be able to do 40 repetitions...and your quads will be burning, your breathing and heart rate will increase dramatically, and the blood will be flowing you a big time energy boost. It's the least fancy of our options.
Option B: The Push-up Drop-Set
- Advanced: Do as many Spiderman Pushups as you can (alternating sides). If you tire out, switch to Close-Grip Pushups. If you tire out again, switch to regular Pushups. And if you tire out again, hold the top of the Pushup Plank position until the minute is over.
- Beginner: Do as many Pushups as you can, then drop to your knees and do Kneeling Pushups. If you tire out, hold the top of the Pushup Plank position until the minute is over.
Option C: The 1-Minute Triathlon
1A) Total Body Extension or Bodyweight Squat - 20 seconds
1B) The Hardest Pushup You Can Do - 20 seconds
1C) Run-In-Place - 20 seconds
That's it. One minute to better health, boosted calorie burning, and less holiday stress...even if your 'hick cousin Eddie and his family show up and live in their camper in front of your house' <= actually happened to my friend Clark :)
And yes, of course, you can combine all of these into a "really long" 3-minute circuit if you want. :) Enjoy. Another Christmas workout gift from ol' CB and Bally the Dog and all of us here at Turbulence Training.
If you liked those little workouts, you'll love what the 4-minute, 8-minute and 12-minute Home Workout Revolution bodyweight programs will do for your post-holiday fat loss. 
Treat yourself this Christmas, it only takes 1 minute.
Merry Christmas my friend,
Craig Ballantyne, CTT
Certified Turbulence Trainer

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