Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Caching and Streaking

Had a smooth flight to Tampa yesterday and rolled up to Joel Marion's house around 4:30pm after a trip to Whole Foods. That's when I got my trunk.

My what?

My Travel Caching Trunk.

One of my business partners, Matt Smith, bought me 3 Travel Caching Trunks for Christmas. You can read about the idea here:

One trunk will be stored in Denver, another here at Joel's, and a 3rd in Bedros' guest house out in Chino Hills. It's a cool idea, and will be most helpful here and in Denver, since I visit those two places the most.

After a great dinner of bacon wrapped tenderloin last night, I finished off my kettlebell training month with 200 swings, plus a few bodyweight challenges, and then a few laps in the pool. Even though it was cold out and pool was chilly, my plan is to start a streak of swimming every day that I'm in Florida (or at a hotel with a pool).

I don't swim well, or for long, but it's something to take advantage of when I can. Plus swimming always makes me sleepy and so I have a little lie-down and relaxation time after I dry off. Then I get up and have breakfast. A nice little ritual I plan to stick to.

Don't forget to start a few healthy streaks of your own in 2015.

to help you stick with your goals, you're going to use this simple little "streaking trick" to make 2015 your best year ever.
The solution is using small steps & little bets that bring BIG victories. A researcher from Stanford University, BJ Fogg, calls these, "Tiny-Habits". He believes you can make big transformations if you start with tiny changes. It's all about getting started & sticking to it => what I call, "getting on a streak". Once you get on a good-habit streak, you won't want to break it.
Here's what you must do to start the Good Habit Streak:
On January 1st I want you to start a streak that will last a long, long time. Pick the simplest healthy habit that you can choose, and resolve to do it every day in 2015. Maybe it's having a daily Green Tea or eating 20 grams of protein for breakfast. Or maybe it's committing to doing at least 1-minute of bodyweight exercise for the entire year.
By starting a streak, you are constantly reminded that, "Hey, if I'm on this Good Habit streak, I might as well as eat right and sleep well, too...and get in 3 fat burning workouts per week...and have my morning shake, etc."
If you get on a Good Habit Streak, your momentum will build and you'll make more and more of the Right Decisions each day, allowing you to make incredible progress in 2015...

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